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Computer Scam Alert


On behalf of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors and the Delaware County Sheriff's Office we have provided this fraud awareness information to help protect our valued residents and their families from the ever increasing number of scams which will eventually target you or a family member.

The scams, which often occur by phone, e-mails and through the mail try to trick you into providing personal and financial information or may involve deception or intimidation tactics that are designed to coerce you into providing them with your personal identification or financial information or attempt to convince you to unsuspectingly send your well-deserved, hard earned money to what is nothing more than a criminal enterprise.

Callers may try to convince you that you are due a refund or won a lottery or sweepstake and trick you into sharing your personal identification and financial information with them. These con artists sound convincing when they call or email you.  They may know a lot about you and in many cases they have obtained a significant amount of information about you through open source databases that are available on the Internet.  The callers frequently alter their caller ID to make it look like the call is from a legitimate business that you may or may not be familiar with. 

Delaware County Undersheriff Craig Dumond offers these reminders:

  •  Do not share any personal or financial information with unknown callers.

  •  Do not confirm with any caller any personal or financial information they may already have about you.

  •  Never send money to an unknown caller or email sender without thoroughly researching the caller or emailer.  Consider discussing the request or demand for money with a family member, friend, co-worker or law enforcement.  Be very wary of responding to any unsolicited emails purporting to be from a legitimate business.

  •  Be aware of lottery or sweepstakes scams.  Normally, you cannot win a lottery or a sweepstake that you did not enter.

  •  Most governmental agencies do not call to demand immediate payment from you and threaten you with arrest without first communicating with you by some official, written correspondence.  If you receive such a call, contact a legitimate office of the governmental entity the caller claims to represent and inform them of the call you received before you act on any demand made by the caller.

  •  Utility companies do not normally call and demand immediate payment by phone and threaten to immediately terminate your utility that day without first communicating with you by official, written correspondence.  Once again, if you receive such a call, contact your utility provider and inform them of the call you received before you act on any demand made by the caller.

  •  Any request for payments to be made to the caller, or another entity, by one or more pre-paid credit or debit cards should be an automatically alert as a potential scam.

  •  Remember:  Once you have shared or confirmed your personal identification or financial information with one of these con-artists you can be financially destroyed and it is very unlikely you will ever recover the money sent to, or stolen by, these criminals.

To further protect yourself, we encourage you and your family members to take proactive steps to limit the amount of personal information that is accessible to these predators on the Internet.  A number of public, online information sources and databases offer you the ability to “opt out” of their system and protect your personal information.  A few of those sources and databases are:

You and your family can further educate yourselves by visiting the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s website: or the F.B.I. Internet Crime Complaint Center’s website:  These websites provide valuable information regarding current phone scams, identity theft practices and other scams, as well as information that will further help you protect yourself.

Consider conducting periodic credit checks on yourself through one of the major credit reporting bureaus and learn if someone utilizing your personal identification has established a credit card or other account using your name that you may not be aware of.

We encourage you to share this information with your family and to take the time to educate and to protect yourself and your family from these criminals before you become a victim.



It’s Tax Time


Free Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) and low and moderate-income individuals.  Tax assistance is available in Delaware County from February 15th until April 13th, by appointment only.

 For those wishing to have their taxes done by an AARP Tax Aide volunteers at one of the Delaware County Senior Dining Center, please see location and dates below.



Delhi Public Safety Building: Feb. 6, 10, 20; March 1, 6, 17, 20, 27; April 3, 13, 14;
280 Phoebe Ln., Call: Delaware County Office for the Aging, Phone: 607-832-5750.

Grand Gorge Senior Dining Center: March 3; Grand Gorge Civic Center,
Phone: 607-588-6166.

Hancock Senior Dining Center: February 22; Hancock Baptist Church,
Phone: 607-637-2219.

Middletown Senior Dining Center: February 24; Margaretville Methodist Church,
Phone: 845-586-4764.

Sidney Memorial Library: February 16; March 9, 15; April 6; 8 River Street; Call: Sidney Senior Dining Center, Phone: 607-563-2212.

Walton Senior Dining Center: February 14; St. John's Baptist Church, Benton Avenue, Phone: 607-865-6739. 

*Photo ID (Driver’s License)
*Proof of minimum health insurance

*Copies of last year's tax returns (2015).
*Wage and earnings statements (W-2).
*Pension/social security/railroad retirement statements (1099P, SSA-1099, RRB-W-2P, RRB-1099).
*Interest/dividend/etc. (all 1099 forms).
*Homeowners should bring 2016 county/city and school tax statements.
*If you sold your home in 2016 bring all supporting paperwork pertaining to the sale and 1099S if you received one.
*Unemployment compensation statement.
*Child Care Provider Information.
*Social Security numbers for all dependents and Social Security cards.
*Any and all information about income and expenses.

These Tax-Aide Counselors have volunteered to provide this service in Delaware County through the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program through which they have received Tax-Aide training.  This free service is sponsored by the Delaware County Office for the Aging, the AARP Foundation, the Albany District Internal Revenue Service Office, and New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.



Tai Chi for Arthritis coming to Sidney in April

Delaware County Office for the Aging (OFA) will be starting a new “Tai Chi for Arthritis” eight week series in Sidney on April 19th and running through June 9th.  Classes will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 pm to 2 pm at the Sidney Moose Club. 

Attendees need to commit to attending the full series of 16 classes in exchange for the Office for the Aging covering the cost of this program.  You must sign up to attend.

Sign up by calling Carol Allen at 607-563-8065 or e-mail her at

When signing up you need to provide your full name, date of birth, phone number, mailing address, 911 address (if different) and e-mail address (if you have one)

This program is being offered in collaboration with Broome County Health Department, and through funding provided by a Rural Health Alliance grant and from CDCHP and Fidelis health insurance companies.  

“Tai Chi for Arthritis” is an eight week program that was designed by Dr. Paul Lam in conjunction with his Tai Chi associates and a team of medi­cal experts.  Based on the Sun style Tai Chi, “Tai Chi for Arthritis” is easy to learn, effective and safe.  It increases flexibility, muscle strength, increases heart/lung activity, aligns pos­ture, improves balance and integrates the mind and body.  The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommends the program for fall prevention in older adults.  The “Tai Chi for Arthritis” program is officially supported by the Arthritis Foundation of the United States and Australia.  Thousands of people with arthritis have gained relief from their condition.



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 Statement for the Delaware County Office For The Aging
The Year 2020

Proposed by the Delaware County Office For The Aging Advisory Board
Drafted by the Vision Committee, January 12, 2012

  • We see an environment in Delaware County that encourages and enables older adults to make educated life choices.

  • We see an era of sensitivity toward our environment, diminishing natural resources and changing economy and its impact on future generations.

  • We see barrier-free access to comprehensive health care and supportive services.

  • We see the implementation of a transportation and communication network that supports the needs of older adults.

  • We see Delaware County with safe, affordable, and comfortable housing for older adults.

  • We see an environment that nurtures cross generational engagement through both human contact and technology.

  • We see a caring support system that promotes dignity and independence for older adults.

  • We see an environment that supports persons in care giving and other family obligations.

  • We see older adults playing an integral part in the life of the community where they are an accepted and respected part of society.

  • Since older adults impact the entire Delaware County community in all its complexity and since the entire community affects all older adults, we see this vision statement as one of a comprehensive vision for the future of Delaware County.


The Delaware County Office For The Aging welcomes donations to help maintain and expand its services to the elderly. Please make checks payable to: Delaware County Office For The Aging and send to us at 6 Court Street, Delhi, NY 13753.

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