Delaware County Employee of the Month
August 2008

Sgt. Tiska began working for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office in March, 1984 assigned to the Correctional Facility.  In 1988, he graduated from the Police Academy and was reassigned to the Road Patrol as a Deputy Sheriff.  As Sergeant, he supervises the road patrol Deputies, participates in high profile cases and prepares and administers the Highway Safety grants for the Sheriff’s Office. 

Sgt. Tiska is a valuable and dependable team player, who personifies what a lawman is supposed to be, and leads by example.  He represents the Sheriff’s Office with decorum at various community functions and has earned the accolades of neighboring law enforcement agencies and appreciative citizens.

In 1993 Sgt. Tiska was honored by the NYS Assembly at the first Annual Delaware County STOP-DWI recognition breakfast for his efforts to lower the number of alcohol-related deaths in Delaware County.  Sgt. Tiska’s file also contains letters recognizing him for his efforts in serving the multi-jurisdictional drug task force and he routinely participates in drug raids throughout Delaware County.

Sgt. Tiska has also performed admirably during the floods of 2006 and 2007.  Included in a letter of appreciation written to Sgt. Tiska is a paragraph that helps categorize the man and accurately reflects upon the strength of his character.

“The flood was of catastrophic proportion and the State of Emergency issued in Delaware County lasted longer than any we had ever experienced.  The hours you spent on patrol dragged on interminably and the repetition of addressing dangerous circumstances was often tedious.  Nonetheless, you handled your assignments with your usual thoroughness, good humor and patience.  In years to come, we will recall how we all hunkered down together to combat the rage of Mother Nature and the professional friendships that were strengthened by the bonds of mutual, and often heroic experiences.”

Recently Sgt. Tiska was instrumental in securing a grant in excess of $57,000 from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Council.  The grant provided us with laptop computers for our road patrol vehicles which link us with other law enforcement agencies throughout New York State and allows access to a state-wide data base that contributes greatly to the efficiency, security and safety of our officers. 

What Sgt. Tiska likes most about the job is that each day presents a new challenge; either from the administrative perspective or through unique developments in the field.

Ted is married to Maria, a Corrections Officer.  They have two sons, Ben, who graduated from Sidney High School this year and plans to attend Albany University and, Sam, who will start his Junior year in high school this fall.  Ted’s two brothers, Gregg and Dan are also involved in law enforcement.  Gregg works at the 911 Center in Sidney and Dan is employed at the Youth Leadership Academy in South Kortright.  Both also serve as part-time Corrections Officers.

Ted’s spare time is spent hunting, fishing, boating and working around the house.

Ted can be counted upon to come forward whenever needed.  He is a good listener and maintains his poise under pressure.  Ted has gained the respect of his peers by behaving  like a gentleman while performing as a lawman.  Throughout his many years of service, he has sustained his dedication, ambition and enthusiasm and is truly deserving recognition as Employee of the Month.

Congratulations, Ted, and thank you.