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Occupancy Tax Registration Form




Information / Instructions

  •  When do I register?
    • Existing businesses register before March 1, 2016
    • New businesses register by the opening day of business
  •  How do I register?
    • The registration form is available from the Delaware County Treasurer's Office. There are many ways to obtain this form:
      •  Pick one up at the local Town Clerk Office
      •  Email  to request an emailed copy of the form
      •  Phone 607-832-5070 to request a mailed or faxed copy of the form
      •  Access the form on the Delaware County Website
        • Google Search 'Delaware County NY' or type access
        • Under the Businesses heading on the menu at the right side of the screen, select Occupancy Tax
        • On the Treasurer Occupancy Tax page select Occupancy Tax Registration Form
        • Complete this form on-line:
          • select Print to create a paper copy for your records
          • select Save to keep a copy on your computer for your records
          • select Email to submit a copy for registration (required)
  •  How do I complete the registration form?
    • The form may be printed as a blank form or filled in on the website
      •  Adobe Reader is recommended for the website form
    • Enter legal business name
    • Enter number of potential units available
    • Enter name of business contact person
    • Enter mailing address for business contact person
    • Enter physical 911 address
    • Enter township in which the business is located
    • Enter the tax map number available on the property tax bill
    • Enter the NYS Sales Tax Identification Number or NA if not applicable
    • Enter business identification number that is used on your income tax forms
    • Mark the appropriate establishment type or select 'Other' and add the type description
    • Mark the type of ownership
    • Enter names and addresses of legal owners of establishment listing as individual, several partners, officers of a company, etc
    • Enter absentee landlord agent and contact information if any
    • Mark year-round or mark seasonal with months that the establishment is open
    • Mark the categories property is rented
      • Yearly advises us that there are times that the rental(s) will not be subject to occupancy tax
    • Enter date business started
    • NA for business registering for the March deadline
    • Please date, sign, and enter title
      • Electronic signatures are accepted
    • Options for submitting report:
      • Print form, manually enter, sign, then mail
      • Prefill form, print, sign, then email
      • Prefill form using electronic signature, then email
    • Options for filing business copy:
      • Print copy, manually file
      • Save form on computer