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Real Property Tax Services




  • Q   I have a problem with my assessment.  Who should I speak with?
  • A   Although we enter Assessment Data for several of the nineteen Towns in Delaware County your assessor is responsible for the assessment on your property, any questions regarding assessment should be directed to your local assessor. (see Assessor's Contact Information for the names and phone numbers of your Local Assessors)
  • Q   I would like to file a deed in Delaware County.  Where can I do this, and what is the cost?
  • A   Deeds are filed in the County Clerks Office questions regarding  filing costs and policies should be directed to the County Clerks Office.  (607)832-5700
  • Q   I have a survey or legal document that shows a different acreage than the tax bill shows.  What should I do?
  • A   After surveys and deeds are filed in the County Clerks Office they automatically come to our office for review by our mapping technicians, the appropriate changes will be made to tax maps and forwarded to your Assessor. If this is a document that is not filed but you wish to have it reviewed, we suggest that you bring a copy to our office and ask the mapping technicians to review it.
  • Q   How do I review other assessments in my Town?
  • A   A copy of your Town Assessment Roll is on file at your local Town Hall and is public information that you can view.  Also, copies of the assessment rolls for each of the nineteen towns in Delaware County are available for viewing in the Real Property Tax Office at 111 Main Street • Suite 8.  Additionally, this office has a RPSv4 public terminal where Real Property data  may be viewed.  This file may be more current than the assessment at your Town hall.  Assessment Rolls are also available for viewing online by clicking Assessment Rolls under the Online Resources Tab at Delaware County's home page or on the menu tabs on this page.
  • Q   I would like to see a flood map for a parcel within Delaware County.  Where do I get this information?
  • A   We suggest that you call the Delaware County Planning Board (607)832-5444
  • Q   What Tax Sale information may I get from your Office?
  • A   The Delaware County Treasurer’s Office actually runs the Tax Sale Auction, most all questions regarding the auction should be addressed to the Treasurer's Department (607) 832-5070. Our office does provide individual tax maps of the parcels which are sold in our office. Each year our office also produces a booklet of all the tax sale parcels which is also sold in our office. See Tax Sale Information.
  • Q   How do I order a tax map?
  • A   See the Tax Mapping section of our web site.
  • Q   I would like to change the mailing address for my tax bills.  What should I do?
  • A   Read the section Assessment Information (Change of Address) on our website and download the change of address form as directed.
  • Q   I need a 911 Number for my parcel.  Can you assign that?
  • A   No, the Department of Emergency Services assigns the 911 number to your parcel please call them at (607) 832-5600.

Delaware County Office Of Real Property Tax Services