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Pistol Permits


(download PDF version here)

1. To apply for a Delaware County Pistol License, your primary residence must be Delaware County. If you live outside of New York State, but own a home here, your school tax receipt must show your name on it.

2. You must be 21 years of age to apply for a Pistol License.

3. Questions not truthfully answered may be cause for denial of the application by the Delaware County Judge.

4. You will need 2 (Two) Original Applications Completed (NO COPIES). BOTH Applications must be filled out. All data must be filled out (printed) with Black Ink, or it may be typed.

5. Start with your name (everything above that will be filled out by the Pistol Clerk). All applicable spaces must be completed.

6. Do Not abbreviate the names of the cities or villages. List your physical residence. If there is a post office box for a mailing address and you can’t fit that into the space, let the Pistol Clerk know and she will make a note of it.

7. You will need 4 (Four) Character References, which you have known personally for 5 (Five) years. They may not be relatives, police personnel, court officers, or two people from the same family, and need to be from New York State. References must personally sign Both (2) applications AND 1 (One) of the character reference forms. This form is included in your packet (if picked up from our office) or downloaded from the Pistol Clerk website, and you will need to make copies to give to your references. These forms will need to be filled out by the references and signed in front of a notary public.

8. If arrest question is answered "yes", please list the years(s) of arrest, the charge(s), the location and the disposition of the case (even if it was dismissed or Y.O. - enter it on the application).

9. No Pistol License will be approved for a person disabled by conviction of a felony or a serious offense.

10. Applications must be notarized. The Pistol Clerk is a notary public, so it can be done when your application is submitted or you may get another notary to notarize it. You must wait and sign in front of the notary.

11. If your address or place of employment changes from the time the application is submitted and the license has not been issued yet, notify the Pistol Clerk so the change can be made.

12. The processing fee for the Pistol License is currently $20.00 (subject to change). This can be cash, check or money order (we cannot accept credit cards). This fee includes the pictures that we take in the office and the notary fee.

13. All pistols and revolvers in the possession of an unlicensed person, must be turned in to a police agency until such time as a license has been issued.

14. Along with the applications, please include a copy of your latest school taxes, a copy of your driver’s license and a copy of all vehicles registered in your name. The pistol clerk does not have a copy machine, so you will need to bring the copies with you or you can have the copy person at the County Clerk’s Office make them for a fee of $0.65 (65 cents) per copy.

15. The fingerprints are now being done electronically. You will need to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting by going to the website or by calling the L-1 toll free call center at 877-472-6915. Appointment scheduling via the website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Appointment scheduling via the call center is available 9 am - 9 pm, Monday thru Saturday. If you schedule your appointment through the L-1 website, it is recommended that you print out the confirmation page and bring it with you to your appointment. You wil also need to give the fingerprinting location the Pistol Clerk’s Service Code (#151NBK).

16. You will select the most convenient location to get fingerprinted as part of making your appointment. A list of available locations can also be found at Select "NY" as the State (or enter your zip code) and click on GO to view the available agencies.

17. Payment options include Personal or Business check, Government check, Certified check, Bank check, money order, credit card, or L-1 escrow account. Payment is made to "L-1 Enrollment Services". You will need to check with the fingerprint agency to find out the fee for the fingerprinting service. The fee may change periodically.

18. You will need 2 (two) forms of identification (One of which must be a Photo ID) when you go to your appointment for fingerprinting. During the scheduling of the appointment, the options for valid forms of Identification will be listed. Options include Driver’s License, US Passport, Social Security Card, etc... If payment was not already submitted online when scheduling the appointment, payment is required at the fingerprinting appointment. The Pistol Clerk’s Service Code (##151NBK) will also be required at the fingerprinting agency.

19. You will be provided 2 (two) receipts indicating your name, fingerprinting site location, date and time, fee paid and reason for the fingerprinting (which should be "pistol"). Please bring one of the receipts when you bring your application in for processing (the other is for your records).

20. For further information, please contact the Pistol Clerk @ 607-832-5465, Monday thru Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

21. The mailing address is: Delaware County Pistol Clerk, PO Box 426, Delhi, NY 13753.



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