Delaware County Employee of the Month
April 2009

Before joining the Public Health Nursing Service, Vera worked at the Delaware County Home and Infirmary (Countryside Care Center) from 1981 – 1984.  Vera started working with the Delaware County Public Health Nursing service as a per diem R.N. on October 13, 1992.  On January 29, 1999, after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Vera was hired full time as a Public Health Nurse.  On November 7, 2004, she was promoted to Supervising Public Health Nurse.

As Supervising Public Health Nurse, Vera is responsible for Public Health programs including communicable disease, immunization, health education and early intervention, rabies control and lead poisoning prevention.

Vera has learned about many Public Health programs and has become very knowledgeable about grants, work plans and implementation of best practices.  She is also an active participant on the policy and procedure committee.  The staff find her to be accessible and knowledgeable in program areas.  Vera can be counted on to complete any project assigned to her and she has a good sense of humor.

Vera enjoys spending time with her family, husband Don, daughter Janelle Kilmer, Waylon and her two grandchildren Aiden and Lily.

Vera is an avid quilter and also enjoys sewing.  She is a member of the Night Owl Quilters in Hamden and has always been an active participant in the Delaware County Fair.

What Vera likes most about her job is that every day is different and never knows what communicable disease reports or other referrals will come in to the office.  She likes learning about new programs, plans and interventions.  Public Health is constantly changing and she likes to be on the “cutting edge” of Public Health changes.  She also likes assisting staff and being a resource for them.

Congratulations, Vera, and thank you.