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The Delaware County Department of Mental Health prides itself on offering high quality services that are valuable to the community.  We maintain ongoing efforts to ensure that our services are effective and provide the greatest possible value to our consumers.  Collecting fees for the services you receive is one of the most important factors in being able to continue to offer high quality services at an affordable cost.  Although we will never turn someone away because of an inability to pay, we are required by Section 41.25 of the NYS Mental Hygiene Law to seek out all sources of income for which we are eligible.  As such, we require that you make an effort to pay your bill either through insurance, personal funds or through a combination of the two.  When necessary, we will make every effort to review your financial situation to arrange a fee that is fair, based upon your ability to pay.  One of our office staff, or your therapist can discuss this with you.

Since there are several ways that your fee can be paid, the following is intended to be a guide to help you meet your obligation to pay for your service here:

  1. PRIVATE MEDICAL INSURANCE provided through employment and offers coverage for psychiatric services in many cases.  When more than one family member has coverage, one or both insurance companies may pay for a portion or all of our services.

  2. MANAGED CARE/HMO INSURANCE PLANS will cover a specified amount of your visit depending on the plan that you have.  You are responsible for your co-payment (if any is required) at the time of your visit.  Your co-pay amount may vary depending on the number of visits that occur.  It is our suggestion that you call the 800# on your card to verify the co-pay increase as you continue in treatment. You must have a referral.  Procedures for obtaining a referral vary from plan to plan, so you will need to check the requirements for obtaining a referral for your plan when calling the 800# to confirm co-pays.

  3. MEDICAID will cover the costs of our services.  Please have a valid Medicaid card when you come for services.  If you are applying for benefits, please have a temporary card or document certifying that you have applied for benefits.  You must bring your card with you on every visit to confirm your coverage.

  4. MEDICARE  -  Please have a valid Medicare card and if you are applying for benefits, a temporary card or document certifying that you have applied for benefits.

  5. SELF PAY occurs in cases where there is no insurance.  You must bring with you proof of income paystubs for past 2 months and a copy of last year’s tax return).  A fee based on your family income will be established from our sliding fee schedule.



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