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Mental Health Clinic


How do I know if I need services from a Mental Health agency?

If you are feeling upset over an emotional, relational, behavioral, stressful or other similar problem and this problem is interfering with your every day life.  Feel free to call the agency for a consultation concerning your options.  We offer an initial screening visit, so you do not have to determine on your own whether you need mental health services or not.

How do I make an initial appointment? 

At DCMHC, we try to make this a simple and easy process.  The initial appointment can be scheduled by calling 607-832-5888 (for Adults) or 607-832-5889 (for Children).  Ask to schedule a screening visit.  You will be guided through the rest of the process.

Is Mental Health services expensive?  Will my insurance pay for it?

We accept most insurance carriers including Medicare and Medicaid.  We also have a sliding scale fee for those who do not have any health insurance.  This type of system allows mental health treatment to be available to all who need it regardless of their insurance or financial situation.

Isnít the mental health clinic only for the severely mentally ill?

Not at all, DCMHC has a wide range of services for most types of mental health issues.  There are services available for the individual and whole family.

Does going to mental health mean that I have to take medication?

While medication therapy is an important component of many peopleís treatment, medication is not always necessary to deal with mental health problems. If medication therapy is suggested to an individual, it is always his or her choice to participate in this treatment.




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