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Delaware County
Stop-DWI Program


Confession time...

O.k. I have to admit something...back in December, when the idea of this tournament was just a small seed with nary a thought of germination, the only thing I knew about golf was that it involved a small white sphere; grown men and women (and even some kids) took turns whacking at it with clubs. Honestly, I just didnít get it.

Mulligan? Skins? Captain & Crew? I thought skins were what I peeled off chicken and captain and crew...arenít they on a boat?

Such were my words on the last page of the Inaugural Tournamentís program. I really didnít have a clue! Since then, weíve had a few more tournaments under our belts, many sunny days, several sets of PINGS Irons won, and lots of golf goodies given away! This popular annual event does a couple of things. First, it raises awareness in the county. Second and equally important, the tournament brings in much needed revenue. Our first tournament raised just over $8,000.00 and it just keeps getting better. Thanks to the ongoing generosity of the wonderful individuals and businesses in our county, this tournament has become a permanent annual event in Delaware County.

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