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Delaware County
Stop-DWI Program

Appreciation Breakfast

Usually held in early March, this is an event I hold annually to show our law enforcement agencies how much I appreciate all they do for the STOP-DWI Program as well as for all of Delaware County. Attendees are served pancakes, waffles, muffins, bacon, eggs, sausage, fresh coffee and orange juice. This is followed by a short ‘thank you’ address by a keynote speaker and then the plaques are handed out for each agency or their designee, thanking them for their outstanding efforts in apprehending DWI’s in that previous year. Each attendee also receives a gift of some sort, to take home with them. In 2006 they each received a coffee mug and this year they received a STOP-DWI lapel pin and a leatherette portfolio. Without these individuals, I wouldn’t be in business and without them, Delaware County would be a dangerous place to drive.

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Delaware County STOP-DWI Program  280 Phoebe Lane - Suite 5 ◦ Delhi, NY 13753