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Child Support Enforcement Unit
111 Main Street, Suite 4
P.O. Box 269
Delhi, NY 13753
Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday-Friday

The following services are available at the Delaware County Child Support Enforcement Unit by signing an application for services with us.

  • Support Establishment – Preparation and filing with the court of appropriate petitions to establish a non-custodial parent’s support obligation.
  • Support Collection – Automatic receipt, accounting and disbursement of all child support payments
  • Support Enforcement – Including, but not limited to, automatic wage withholding interception of non-custodial parent’s Federal and State Tax refunds, and obtaining judgments.
  • Medical Support Services – Establishment and enforcement of the non-custodial parent’s obligation to provide Health Insurance.
  • Location Search – Computerized search of State and Federal agencies’ files to locate the non-custodial parent.
  • Paternity Establishment – Preparation and filing with the court of petitions to establish an individual as being the father of a child. Establishing paternity secures a child’s rights to support, as well as inheritance from his or her father.
  • Legal Representation – Provision of a lawyer to represent you in court for support and/or paternity matters.
  • Field Investigation – Activities by local child support enforcement personnel to assist in the location of absent parents.
With your case through the Child Support Enforcement Unit, you will benefit from a full-time enforcement staff that will automatically monitor your case, assist in the preparation of petitions, provide legal representation, if requested, and employ all enforcement mechanisms available to assist you in collecting the support you are owed.
Delaware County Department of Social Services

111 Main Street, Suite 4
Delhi, NY 13753
Phone: 607-832-5300
Fax: 607-832-6030
99 Main Street
Delhi, NY 13753
Phone: 607-832-5300
Fax: 607-832-6033