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Medical Assistance is the term used in NYS for Medicaid Programs, which are a far more extensive set of programs than they were prior to Welfare Reform. Our traditional, very comprehensive, programs are fee-for-service Medicaid, and Managed Care Medicaid. Both these programs are for individuals and families who meet income and resource guidelines. We also offer Child Health Plus for children under 19 who meet income guidelines. With Child Health Plus, clients receive coverage similar to employer-based health insurance through a managed care organization. We also offer some more specialized programs; the Prenatal Care Assistance Program for pregnant women, the Family Planning Benefit Program for persons of childbearing age, various Medicare Savings Programs, the Medicaid Buy-In for Working Persons with Disabilities, COBRA Assistance, Chronic Care Medicaid for nursing home and long-term home health care, and various waivered programs for persons with specific needs such as the Care at Home program for children, the TASA Program for pregnant and parenting teens, and the Traumatic Brain Injury Waivered program. Depending on their level of eligibility, clients may receive assistance with doctor's visits, prescription medications, dental services, emergency medical services, in-patient hospital care, medical transportation, assistance paying for other health insurance programs, and many other services necessary to keep individuals and families healthy. Applicants may represent themselves, or they may designate a representative to conduct the interview for them.
Delaware County Department of Social Services

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