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For decades, the communities of Delaware County have received emergency services.  Whether from ambulances or fire departments, help has always been available from volunteer agencies in towns and villages across the county.

These agencies provide supreme emergency services to over 1,446 square miles of mountains, valleys, and back roads, which isn't easy; but these men and women who give their time and talents truly care about their communities.  The volunteers are valued and their service is vital.  But it's not enough.  Right now, there is a critical need for new volunteers to keep these services available.

Emergency services volunteers serve on call, and respond to emergencies such as motor vehicle crashes, fires, rescue operations, and a wide variety of medical situations including heart attacks, strokes, illness and injuries.  Qualified emergency services members provide assessment of a medical situation, intervention, stabilization, and monitored transport to a medical facility.  Their prompt response and intervention is often the difference between life and death.  This is no small responsibility, and it's one that depends on a steady supply of committed volunteers.

For more information on how you may be able to make a difference, please contact your local fire department or emergency squad.

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