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Historical Records

Schedule of Fees
Rates updated February 2022



All References as to the Derivation of These Fees Are Section of the Civil Practice Law Rules Unless Otherwise Indicated.  The Fees Specified Are Payable in Advance.  Please Indicate the Name and Return Address on Recorded Instruments.

We Will Adhere to the Following Requirements

  1. If a Deed Mentions a Map, That Map must Have Already Been Filed, or Be Filed Simultaneously with the Deed

  2. All Maps must Be Printed on Linen Paper or on Mylar and must Be Minimum of Eight and One-half Inches by Eleven Inches, and a Maximum of Thirty-four Inches by Forty-four Inches in Size

  3. Record and Return Information Should Be on a Page That Is to Be Recorded. 

  4. No Paper in Action in the Supreme Court Other than an Order Submitted for Signature to a Judge out of Court, Shall Be Submitted for Any Purpose in the Supreme or County Court, or to a Clerk Thereof, Unless There Is Endorsed on Such Paper, the Index Number, of the Action, Assigned by the Clerk of the Court.

  5. ALL maps and accompanying paperwork must be pre-filed with the Delaware County Real Property Tax Services Office, 111 Main St., Delhi, NY 13753.  Phone: (607) 832-5130.  Call their office for their fees.

  6. Limit of 20 Leases on any one assignment or release.