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Chris Kemp, Director(607) 832-5890web page
Arthur Merrill, Budget Officer(607) 832-5110web page
Pete Montgomery, Superintendent(607) 832-5050web page
Christa M. Schafer, Clerk(607) 832-5110web page
Lori Koronowski, Assistant Clerk  
Sharon O'Dell, County Clerk(607) 832-5700web page
Dale Downin, Director(607) 832-5666web page
John L. Hubbard, Acting District Attorney(607) 832-5299web page
Beverly J. Shields, Treasurer(607) 832-5070web page
Denise VanDusen, Deputy Treasurer  
Glenn Nealis, Director(607) 832-5123web page
William Campbell (R)(607) 832-5321web page
Judith Garrison (D)  
Steve Hood, Director(607) 832-5600web page
Christa M. Schafer, Clerk of the Board(607) 832-5090web page
Gabrielle Pierce,  County Historian(607) 832-5795web page
Joe deMauro, Director(607) 832-5010web page
Dr. Richard J. Ucci(607) 652-7583web page
Cynthia Heaney, Director(607) 865-6522web page
Sharon O'Dell, County Clerk(607) 832-5222web page
Wayne Shepard,  Director(607) 832-5750web page
Glen Nealis, Director(607) 832-5777web page
Teddie Storey, Personnel Officer(607) 832-5678web page
Sharon O'Dell, County Clerk(607) 832-5465web page
Marilyn Olsen, Pistol Clerk  
Nicole Franzese, Director(607) 832-5444web page
Scott Glueckert,  Director(607) 832-5500web page
Amanda Walsh,  Director(607) 832-5200web page
Wayne Reynolds,  Commissioner(607) 832-5800web page
Michael Sabansky,  Director(607) 832-5130web page
Sharon O'Dell, County Clerk(607) 832-5700web page
Deb Lambrecht, RM Specialist  
Thomas E. Mills, Sheriff(607) 832-5555web page
Craig S. DuMond, Undersheriff  
Dana A. Scuderi-Hunter,  Commissioner(607) 832-5300web page
Wayne Reynolds,  Commissioner(607) 865-5805web page
Sue McIntyre, SW Director  
Scott Glueckert, Stop-DWI Coordinator(607) 832-5567web page
Beverly J. Shields, County Treasurer(607) 832-5070web page
Denise VanDusen, Deputy Treasurer  
Charles Piper, Director(607) 832-5345web page
Donna J. Elderkin, Assistant Director  
Dean Frazier, Commissioner(607) 832-5432web page
Donald Beers,  Director(607) 832-5800web page
Dana A. Scuderi-Hunter, Commissioner(607) 832-5300web page